PERPHOTO regularly welcomes, with a highlight on the website’s homepage, the photographic work of an individual artist or group that is particularly significant for the project. Within the site, a specific section proposes a monographic gallery of images of the author, accompanied by an essay of critical contextualization.

Guest Artist | Projecto Teatral

Projecto Teatral started its activity in 1994, being currently constituted by João Rodrigues, Maria Duarte, Helena Tavares, André Maranha and Gonçalo Ferreira de Almeida.
Since its origins, this theatre group has developed an artistic hybridism in which photography has a unique role. Many of his projects originate books that fit into a photo-book typology, of collective authorship. This gallery presents a selection of images related to the projects «teatro» (2003), estufa (2005-2007) and vazio do teatro (2009).


Gallery Archive

José Carlos Duarte
José Carlos Duarte (Castelo Branco, 1971), aka José Júpiter (Lisbon, 2008-2016), lives and works in Lisbon. Graduated in Computer Engineering (FCT-UNL) and with a postgraduate degree in Photography, Design and Contemporary Art (Atelier de Lisboa, 2011-12), he works mainly in the area of “Information Technologies”. As a photographer, he collaborates regularly with the mala voadora company and the choreographers João dos Santos Martins and Tiago Cadete. He was a photography teacher and has been exhibiting his authorial work occasionally since 2009